Official Accounts Terms of Use
agreement required

You must agree to the following Terms of Use
to interact with official accounts.

Official Accounts Terms of Use

  • Unlike standard LINE accounts, official accounts and LINE@ accounts (hereinafter included in the term "official accounts") are run by businesses or other organizations.
  • When you add an official account as a friend or interact with one, the official account* will be able to view your profile info: your LINE display name, profile icon, status message, and internal identifier (a service provider-specific, unique user ID created by LINE). Official accounts have the option to use your internal identifier to send you personalized messages.
  • Previously, only official accounts that you approved individually after friending them were allowed to view your profile info. By agreeing to these terms, you will no longer need to individually approve any further official accounts. However, if an official account requests access to something besides your profile info, you will be sent a separate permission request.

Using official accounts in groups and chats

  • If you add an official account to a group or chat (hereinafter included in the term "group"), that official account will be able to view the profile info of all the group participants.
  • However, for standard LINE@ accounts (official accounts not yet reviewed by LINE, indicated by a gray badge), your profile info will not be shared with them unless you interact with them in the group or the LINE@ account becomes approved (indicated by a navy badge).

Revoking profile info sharing permissions

  • If you wish to stop an official account from viewing your profile info, you must block the official account as well as remove the official account from the group or leave the group yourself at any time.
  • *Only official accounts with Messaging API (API that enables accounts to exchange messages with users) and LINE@ accounts can view profile info.
  • You'll be able to continue interacting with official accounts upon agreeing to the terms.